LSU Fight Song Ringtones

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LSU Fight Song Rngtones

LSU Tigers Fight Song

Fight for LSU

Like Knights of old, Let’s fight to hold
The glory of the Purple Gold.
Let’s carry through, Let’s die or do
To win the game for dear old LSU.
Keep trying for that high score;
Come on and fight,
We want some more, some more.
Come on you Tigers, Fight! Fight! Fight!
for dear old L-S-U.

(Repeat Verse)

We are the strongest,
We are the bravest
Football team in history.
Here’s to the honor, Here’s to the glory
Marching on to victory.
Cheer for the Tigers! Cheer for the Tigers!
Tigers! Fight! Fight! Fight!

(Repeat Original Verse)

LSU Tigers Cheer

Tiger Rag

Long ago, way down in the jungle
Someone got an inspiration for a tune,
And that jingle brought from the jungle
Became famous mighty soon.
Thrills and chills it sends thru you!
Hot! so hot, it burns you too!
Tho’ it’s just the growl of the tiger
It was written in a syncopated way,
More and more they howl for the ‘Tiger’
Ev’ry where you go today
They’re shoutin’
Where’s that Tiger! Where’s that Tiger!
Where’s that Tiger! Where’s that Tiger!
Hold that Tiger! Hold that Tiger!
Hold that Tiger!

LSU Tigers Alma Mater

Where stately oaks and broad magnolias shade inspiring halls,
There stands our dear Old Alma Mater who to us recalls
Fond memories that waken in our hearts a tender glow,
And make us happy for the love that we have learned to know.

All hail to thee our Alma Mater,molder of mankind,
May greater glory, love unending be forever thine.
Our worth in life will be thy worth we pray to keep it true,
And may thy spirit live in us, forever L-S-U.